Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops

Here’s to 5x points at all coffee shops in the United States of America. 

What can be said about coffee that has not already been said? So many are thankful for it, rave about it, suffer without it. But more important than the actual coffee bean itself is the culture it’s created — one of speeding up and slowing down, simultaneously. Many of our java-related rituals are firmly rooted in this paradox of leisure and efficiency.

European café culture and NYC office culture are two very distinct variations on this theme: the former indisputably relaxing and the latter less so, albeit still a welcome break from the madness of corporate life.

Take the scene with the frazzled intern, carrying six lattés in the skyscraper elevator. Equally ubiquitous is the scene with the tiny table, the tiny espressos, the Old World backdrop. Both play on viewers’ emotions in different ways, though each is romantic in its own right — two culturally embedded coffee scenarios that actually do play out IRL.

Whatever the circumstances, people of all sorts routinely take time out of their day to do something — to drink something — that will help them do everything else better, stronger, faster. 

The more time passes, the more likely it seems that El Dorado was actually just a metaphor for the coffee bean. 

Personal coffee habits do ebb and flow, but for some the ritual remains constant — a moment of meditation that proves instrumental to their day, and not just for caffeine-related purposes. Instead it is a moment of settling into reality, followed by setting out to experience it. Personal time is a commodity and ambition is a necessity. Coffee, in one way or another, facilitates both. 

In the world of everyday experiences, coffee consumption and ritual are near the top of the frequency list — similar to getting out of bed or brushing your teeth at night. But unlike the more typical, more “mundane” activities of everyday life, coffee has increased potential to maintain its spark, both chemically and emotionally — to make our lives feel cultured and social and deliberate. 

Go above-average when you can, accept gas station mediocrity when you can’t. Coffee quality and experience runs the gamut, always encouraging exploration (or at the very least, always keeping things interesting.) 

Caffeine addicts or not, we’re collectively hooked on this ubiquitous beverage and its aura — even to the extent that it’s impossible to imagine a world without our French presses and Keurigs and creamers. There’s something bookish and ancient about it, sophisticated and loyal. And if you don’t have a coffee shop to meet someone in, where else on earth will you go? 

Coffee’s a cornerstone of culture, a catalyst for communion. Grab your card, make an order, and take a sip for life’s recommended dose of solidity, tradition, and delight.

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