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rag & bone

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Making shit that means something since 2002. With an Instagram bio like that, you feel an innate sense of trust. No beating around the bush, no pretending to be something it’s not. That’s the kind of vibe we like in a brand. And when it comes to rag & bone, we’re not alone. 

Straightforward, no nonsense, not boring. rag & bone manages to produce quality with long-term staying power — classic pieces that don’t feel outdated classic. It’s not pejoratively trendy, nor is it predictable. But it is mindful of shifting tides, always defying expectations without abandoning the staples of a well-equipped & well-considered wardrobe. 

rag & bone may have been founded in 2002, but 2012 was the year this brand took center stage in our hearts and minds. It was their first major advertising campaign — starring the always iconic Kate Moss — that solidified rag & bone’s reputation and broadcasted the brand’s “keep it real” ethos. With a handheld camera, photographer Craig McDean captured a seemingly candid Moss on the deserted streets of Kentish Town, London. Leather jacket, leather shorts, leather boots, and windswept, wavy hair — the influence of Moss’ look, surroundings, and rawness served to define a true fashion moment; not to mention one that still resonates a decade later. 

It’s rare to come across a brand that manages to stay true to its roots while still remaining flexible and relevant. But that’s the unicorn-level status of rag & bone. Today and always, you can count on rag & bone to fulfill a variety of wardrobe needs, from the personal to the professional — work, weekends, dressy, and casual. And these aren’t the kinds of pieces you’ll wear for one year only, but for years to come — and potentially for decades, if you take proper care of them, of course. 

This is possible given rag & bone’s commitment to quality — and that’s exactly what their customer cares about. Manufacture is important — it sets the stage for everything else about a garment, including style and fit. 

Take rag & bone denim: the physical embodiment of this company’s ethos — the foundation to its straightforward approach. A traditional five-pocket jean is the biography of the person wearing it, rag & bone’s website reads. After wear and care, this beloved pant becomes personal — a reflection of the person whose body and energy has brought it life. We can’t speak for you, but we want to be in a long-term relationship with a pair of jeans, and a pair from rag & bone is the kind that makes this possible. rag & bone denim is rock solid fidelity. Wear a pair for years and experience new levels of worn-in comfort and loyalty. 

And if anything should happen — to denim, or to anything else you purchase at rag & bone — there’s the company’s “Quality Guaranteed” program, which allows a consumer to send in any garment with a manufacturing defect at any point in a product’s lifecycle for repair, replacement, or exchange. This is just one more way rag & bone garments — from conception to manufacture and sale — distinguish themselves amongst a sea of clothing from retailers who only claim to make the best. Fortunately, rag & bone’s commitment to quality isn’t trendy — it’s been integral for this brand since day one. 

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