A Better Way to Pay — Point Card

A Better Way to Pay — Point Card
Better Way to Pay
Point Card

It’s time to say goodbye to “buy now, pay later” because Point Card breathes new life into “buy now, pay now.” 

You’ve seen it around, and you’ve been intrigued: buy now, pay later. It’s everywhere and obviously popular — people are using it, so maybe you should too. It’s all glistening so pretty by the checkout button for your clickable convenience: the spontaneous answer to the perennial “to buy, or not to buy” questions you ask yourself on a regular basis. 

But really, you know it’s not a great idea — and you’re right. A tool for stress management on its face, buy now, pay later is really just a recipe for additional consumer anxiety — albeit latent and progressive in the majority of cases.

Aspirational to a fault, it pushes obligation to a future date, burying marginal levels of stress until they are no longer marginal. None of this, not even the purchase itself, is necessary, thoughtful, or practically helpful. The payments are just another thing to remember, though if you’re honest with yourself, you’d rather not remember anything about them at all. 

The recent ubiquity of buy now, pay later suggests people remain pretty comfortable putting financial responsibility on the backburner. Credit card debt may be publicly “unpopular”, but many people are still seduced by the prospect of having something before they feel capable of paying for it. This, in turn, suggests they aren’t taking sufficient time to think through what they’re doing and why they’re doing it — otherwise, they’d probably wait until they could buy and pay (in full) simultaneously. 

There is beauty in the tried-and-true buy now, pay now. The experience is straightforward, classic, and stress-minimizing. It’s honest too.

Like we all aspire to do, it lives in the present, avoids excess, and resists procrastination. At no point does it involve any sort of pretending or pretention. Plain and simple, it operates within a space of financial authenticity. It might not be glitzy sexy, but it’s thoroughly good. 

And unlike the buy now, pay later way of life, it can promise that you won’t end up locked in the financial chokey of no return.

Jokes aside, there is something novel and rewarding in buy now, pay now. Built into Point Card from the ground up, buy now, pay now is clear-cut and deliberate, making things simpler and more transparent for you in both the short and long term.

When you use Point Card, not only do you spend what you have, but you earn unlimited cash-back and exclusive rewards. Yes, it’s a debit card, but you actually get paid to be responsible. And sometimes, you get paid a lot. Point Card offers bonus points on subscriptions, food delivery, rideshare, coffee shops, and on select brands — up to 15x in cash-back. But that’s not all. It also includes travel benefits such as trip cancellation insurance, global assistance, and no international traveling fees, as well as new purchase insurance and fraud protection. Thoughtfully designed down to the last detail, Point Card is the best experience for everyday spending. 

Buy now, pay now has never felt — or looked — so good. 

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