Made to Spend — Point Card

Made to Spend — Point Card
Point Card

Take your spending and make it better. 

Most of us spend every day. Just yesterday, you purchased licorice, a notebook, and neosporin within a two hour period — your friend a baguette, bubblegum, and extra loads at the laundromat. And then there’s that other friend you don’t really talk to anymore: she purchased a first-class flight to Cabo. 

Imagine her, soaring ever so glamorously in neutral airspace — eating the fancy snacks only first-class people get, and you’re dabbing ointment on a stubbed toenail. But all is well, because it’s Saturday, and you’re going out for cheesecake and drinks tonight. 

It’s another day in your life. And just like your life on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, you’ll be purchasing something, if not multiple things. It’s a habitual action, plain and simple, though unfortunately, spending’s delights are often lost on us. 

Why? Despite its regularity and necessity, spending is often seen as a problem — something to avoid, something that gets us into trouble. Credit card companies are out to get us; we all have too much stuff; consumerism makes it all so stressful. 

But the problem isn’t that we spend. The problem is how we do it. 

We don’t want to be automated, half-mechanical bodies that gain minimal pleasure from the purchases they make, though in some kind of twisted way this is already a reality for many. When it comes to battling the big “spending” monsters of our worst nightmares, mindfulness and intention are essential. And they’re two of the most integral parts of Point’s philosophy. 

Rather than get caught up in the negatives of mindless spending, Point takes the opposite approach, which is (in shorthand) to emphasize and expand upon the delights of everyday spending, bringing people closer to the things they buy and the effects these purchases have on the people who make them. 

Point takes something everyone is already doing and makes it better. 

Point brings credit card-like benefits to the debit card. Unlimited cash-back, limited-time offers, travel + purchase insurance, and bonus cash-back on rideshare and delivery services are just a few of Point’s perks. On a higher level, Point provides its users with transparent financial tools that promote purposeful spending. Every visual detail, every product layer, every exclusive, limited-time offer — it’s all part of a broader mission to bring life and peace of mind back into what and how people buy. In many ways, the Point system is a meticulously designed antidote to financial detachment and ambivalence. In addition, its multifaceted design — including a physical card and corresponding app — helps cardholders streamline their approach to spending. 

You could definitely call it a mindfulness tool.

Point’s goal isn’t to help you spend less. Point’s goal is to help you spend with intention when  you do, which is — if you’re like most people — every single day of every single month of every single year. For an average American lifespan of 78.54 years, that’s 28,667.1 days of spending, respectively. Not to mention cash-back on everyday purchases like licorice, notebooks, neosporin, and flights to your favorite destinations. 

Makes that cheesecake taste a little better, too.

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