PointCard™ — Now in Neon

PointCard™ — Now in Neon

PointCard membership is getting even better. We’ve been hard at work making significant upgrades to our technology infrastructure, to bring you incredible new features and benefits. To coincide with this launch, we’re introducing a brand new line of card editions — PointCard™ Neon, available in four colorways. This is just the beginning, and we’re excited to share our latest with you.  

PointCard™ Neon: a reflection of Point’s upward trajectory — the tactile answer to continual forward movement. 

Runway Yellow, Dam Orange, Morning Blush, Meridian Blue. Colors made neon through the addition of a special fluorescent pigment. Vibrant and saturated, each edition features a distinct finish that heightens our awareness of color — in turn heightening our awareness of the objects, the people, and the places where we spend.

Then there’s PointCard Neon’s new type-driven design: modern typography lends structure and objectivity to this payment card, resulting in something more sleek and elevated than its predecessor. Stand-out color is juxtaposed with an understated gray, proffering more nuance than our previous card’s black and white contrast. This serves to underscore the coexistence of the bright and the less obvious, as well as how much these supposedly opposed elements actually overlap. 

As decorative as they can be, neons are also routinely selected for strictly functional purposes. This aligns with a significant tenant of Point’s design ethos: an object’s color, generally speaking, should be inextricably related to the object's function — the natural (or at least deliberate) result of its function; an integral facet of the aesthetic response to fulfilling a specific purpose or need. 

Based on this relationship between appearance and use case, PointCard Neon bridges the gap between decoration and pure functionality, working to fulfill a certain purpose, but also to convey a meaning or feeling.

In this case, neon doesn’t draw attention solely for the sake of drawing attention. Instead, it draws attention as a logical extension of its position in the larger financial and industrial design ecosystems. That said, it is also true that a neon card is easier to spot around the house or to locate inside your wallet. In this sense, the card’s visual design is an extension of its function on intersecting levels. 

Then there’s the other side to this functionality coin: In the design process, where is there opportunity to leverage something bespoke and unique in efforts to further distinguish a product in the market? Going even further, how can you leverage distinctiveness in setting the stage for an expanding array of product families under a singular brand? 

No matter how the Point brand evolves, PointCard Neon is the type of product — a function-first object with resulting visual resonance — that can stand on its own two feet. Neon is something to own, something with purpose, something to be proud of. Something that leaves an impression.  

And now, though once a mere figment of our designers’ imaginations, these new cards have spanned the gap between conception and execution. Pretty soon, one will be gleaming right on your doorstep — your choice color in the palm of your hand, the purposeful extension of your personality. 

Inherent in the four available neon shades are an infinite number of personalized associations, connotations, and identity-builders. Meridian Blue will mean one thing to one cardholder, and another to the next. Likewise, how a Meridian Blue card appears to other people depends on the person carrying it. 

This endless chain of potential signifiers is part of what makes color — and especially memorable shades like those of the neon variety — so powerful. When you choose your favorite shade, you’re choosing to say something about yourself, not because this color puts you in a predetermined category, but because whatever color you choose likely holds personal significance only you can understand. This is where the personal and universal overlap to create meaning that is unique to each cardholder, as well as to the people who witness the card in use. 

PointCard Neon puts this sort of consideration front and center — on purpose. As an object and tool, it is personal and universal, aesthetic and functional — vivid and nuanced. It exists at myriad crossroads, resulting in exponential layers of recognizable and intimate significance. 

But most importantly, it lays crucial groundwork for where our brand is headed both now and in the future.

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