Introducing Split — Share Purchases and Points

Introducing Split — Share Purchases and Points

Not sure who will front the bill — and earn the points? With our new Split feature, you can share the cost and the cash-back with another Point member. Make your first Split before March 31, 2022 and earn 1,000 bonus points ($10). 

You’re at dinner with a friend. It’s raining outside. You’re talking about high school reunions. Now you’re talking about that new show on HBO. Now you’re talking about compostable phone cases. And just like that, it’s time to go. The pasta, the prosecco — it all comes to an end. You’re stuffed. The waiter brings your check, unsolicited. Are you going to insist he split this complicated bill? That would be a hassle. So who in your duo will offer to pay?

You know the drill: Your friend insists they’ll do it and that you can pay them back. They place their card down. They choose the tip. They send you a Venmo request the next morning. It’s fine, it’s pretty easy. You’re used to it.

But could it be better? Yes. And with our new Split feature, it is. 

When two Point members dine together, shop together, or pay their phone bill together, they can Split the cost of a transaction right inside Point app. This way, both parties pay their portion and get their fair share of the points — no extra apps required. 

Now, you don’t need to keep track of purchases and pay-backs in multiple apps. Plus, the Split feature does a lot of the math for you. Once you select a settled transaction to Split, just use the built-in slider to choose who pays what of the total. And once you Split, you’ll see the who-paid-what breakdown — helping you to keep better track of your own funds and purchases. 

This way, there’s no need to ask, “Did my friend actually pay me back?” With Split, there is extra transparency and zero detective work. You’ll know all that you want to know, right up front. Say goodbye to mystery Venmo transfers coming into your bank account a few business days after the transaction. Split happens quickly, takes place right inside Point app, and leaves you without unanswered questions.  

Another outstanding perk of the Split feature? All the cash-back doesn’t have to go to the person who offers to pay.

Over a year’s worth of phone bills and streaming subscriptions, this cash-back adds up. Over a week of travel and indulgence — you ordered how many glasses of wine in Paris? — the points count. When it comes to cash-back (along with everything else), Split gives everyone their deserved portion of the points. 

So, what if your friends aren’t Point members yet? The solution is simple: invite them. Our referrals program makes it worth your time — and theirs. You can actually send them a special Split referral link, inviting them to sign up for PointCard and Split a transaction with you. The sooner they join, the sooner they’ll be able to choose their favorite username, benefit from all aspects of Point membership, and regularly Split purchases — and points — with you. 

Ready to Split? First, download the latest version of Point app. Then, you’ll need to create your very own Point ID. This is how your friends will find your account and Split transactions with you inside the app. You can claim your unique Point ID by navigating to the app’s far right tab. Tap on your profile photo in the ‘Account’ screen and tap ‘Change Username.’ 

Then, navigate to the ‘Cash’ tab and tap the transaction you’d like to Split. Select a friend to Split with and add a note. Set the ratio of the Split and tap ‘Confirm.’ 

No more hoarding points. Make your first Split before March 31, 2022 and earn 1,000 bonus points ($10). The real question is: What will you Split first? Sushi, a spa day, the utilities bill? Tell us on social @pointcardhq.

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