Point Up Rewards Program Terms

The Point Up Rewards Program (“Rewards Program”) is a free benefit program automatically available to registered users (“Users”) of Point Up’s mobile applications (collectively, the “Apps”). The Rewards Program is provided by Point Up, Inc. (“Point Up”).

The Rewards Program is subject to these terms and conditions (“Reward Program Terms and Conditions”), as well as Point Up’s terms and condition located in the Apps (“Apps Terms and Conditions”). These Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, and the Apps Terms and Conditions, are incorporated herein by reference and may be updated at any time without notice to Users.

Points are issued for the User’s activities specified by Point Up in the Apps (“User Activities”). For example, Points may be issued for spending at select merchants, referring new Point users, and special promotions. The User Activities applicable to receive Points may be removed or otherwise changed or cancelled at any time in Point Up’s sole discretion. New Activities may be added at any time in Point Up’s sole discretion. Points cannot be combined from multiple accounts and are not transferable. Points have no cash value.

Points can be used for the benefits specified by Point Up in the Apps (“Benefits”). For example, Benefits may include redemption for cash into your Point Up account. Benefits may be removed or otherwise changed or cancelled at any time in Point Up’s sole discretion. New Benefits may be added at any time in Point Up’s sole discretion.

Employees of Point Up, its parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, contractors and partners, and the immediate families or persons residing in the same household as each, are not eligible for participation in the Rewards Program. Users cannot invite themselves, including through creating multiple accounts, in order to receive Points through the any feature or function of the Apps that allows a User to invite other potential users.

The Rewards Program is void where prohibited. All federal, state and local laws apply and Users must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Users may only participate in the Rewards Program if and to the extent that such participation is permitted by such laws, rules and regulations. Point Up refuses to allow participation by any User, and may restrict, modify or terminate such User’s participation, without liability to any party, if such User violates any law, rule or regulation, or if such User’s participation in the Rewards Program could violate any law, rule or regulation.

Point Up reserves the right to add, modify or delete any of the terms, conditions, rules, and policies associated with the Points or the Rewards Program at any time in its sole discretion. Point Up shall not be liable to any party should Point Up exercise any of these rights.

Any (i) interpretation, question, or disputes regarding the Rewards Program or any Benefits; (ii) disqualification, forfeiture of Points or termination of participation in the Rewards Program resulting or arising from an alleged or actual violation of these Rewards Program Terms, or (iii) any decision required relating to qualification for or redemption of any Benefits available under the Rewards Program will be resolved by Point Up, in its sole discretion, and such decision will be final and binding. Point Up is not liable for errors or omissions by its employees, agents, contractors, or partners in interpreting or carrying out these Rewards Program Terms. Users will not abuse the Rewards Program by conduct which is detrimental to the interests of Point Up, including without limitation attempting to accrue dollar value purchases in a manner inconsistent with these Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, attempting to increase dollar value of any Benefits through other than legitimate channels, fraud, misrepresentation or tampering with the Apps. Any and all tax liabilities arising from the Rewards Program, or receipt of any Benefits, are the sole responsibility of the User who receives the reward.

By entering the Rewards Program, User releases Point Up, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors and partners from any and all liability for any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind caused by any Benefits or resulting from acceptance, possession or use of any Benefits.